How many users?

How many users does Zorin have?

Well, it has been downloaded something a million times, but a concrete number noone knows.


Given how seemingly many Linux users are distrohoppers too, it's really hard to pin down a number for any distribution including Zorin. Also, even though some Linux users stay long term on a distribution like Zorin or Ubuntu, they may go elsewhere for 6-12 months. My personal experience was very varied:

  • Zorin, ~2 months
  • Solus MATE, ~8 months
  • Ubuntu Mate, ~8 months
  • Manjaro GNOME/KDE/Cinnamon, ~12 months
  • Pop!_OS, ~14 months
  • Linux Mint Ubuntu & LMDE, ~24 months
  • Zorin OS, ~24+ months

I have concurrently experimented with KDE Neon, Tuxedo OS and Kubuntu too along with MX Linux KDE for several months ranging from 4-6 months each. All are good but have particular quirks that would sometimes annoy me. They were usually related to some Plasma bug and the main reason I usually prefer GTK based desktop environments like GNOME or Cinnamon.

The distributions I stay with as daily drivers and what I recommend are Zorin and Linux Mint Cinnamon (Debian/Ubuntu). They have good communities and are well designed making them reliable and easy to work with.


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