How should I install Discord?

Should I install Discord through the GNOME Software app as a Flatpak, or should I install it by downloading the .deb file through the Discord website?

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Whenever possible, choose packaging formats native to your OS to install programs. For ZorinOS, that's .deb.

Flatpak can be useful when there's no other option available as it's meant as a cross-platform package format. In my experience it works okay most of the time but there are a few caveats that can lead to issues ranging from little annoyances to breaking parts of the program, which is why I try to go with the native option whenever possible.


I using a Discord webside with .deb package
I using any original webside with .deb package software.

choose .deb
If you want ti extend Discord functionality, use

It only works with the native app.

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