How to access Linux files from Windows?

I can easily access all windows 10 files from my Zorin OS but same is not applicable with Zorin. I can't access any Zorin files thru windows. Is there any way to do it? There is option called Linux in Windows file explorer but it's empty

As far as I know, by default, you can't. But with the help of some third-party software you should easily be able to. You can check out some of the software shown here. They should be able to help you out.

Then what is Linux option here?

To simplify, Windows cannot read the Linux partition format. But it can read that the partition has a Linux format, and Label. With the help of a third-party app you should be able to read the partition contents just fine.

As a former Win10 user - I would not advise this anyways. Others have indicated that you certainly CAN access but I suggest it is a clue that so much of Win10 o/s is unrevealed/ unknown until you look at it thru Zorin/Linux. My fear is that you shall attempt to do something to Win10 and mess it up.

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I am second to that opinion.
It is better to manipulate files in its native environment. I've learned this in a hard way long ago when I tried dualboot Windows/OSX (on PC).