How to access USB HDD on network?

Hi i have a USB HDD connected to the router i can easily viewed in windows but not in Zorin.
Is there a way to map it?
thank you

Start Nautilus (Files application).

Go to "Other Locations".

Click "Windows Network".

If all is set up properly, you should see the drive. I'll research how to map the drive to a permanent drive letter, so you only have to do the above once, and after that, you'd access the drive as though it were a local drive.

There's a couple different ways:

I recommend the fstab method:
If you use a Terminal command like this to mount the drive:
sudo mount /media/data

Then you'd edit your fstab:
sudoedit /etc/fstab

And you'd enter something like this: /media/data cifs uid=1000 0 0

i think my problem is bigger when i go to "other location"i see all the drives including my satellite box and google drive and i con open them
do see one drive called window network when i try to open it i get error message " unable to access the location, i think i am doing something wrong. but again in windows i did accessed.
ii will see if i can execute those other solution. thank you

If you can access the network drive directly without having to go through the Windows Network link, so much the better. Now you just have to figure out how to permanently mount the network drive so you can access it like a local drive.

i am very happy i fixed it by adding smb:// to the location bar n file browser and then i seen it and riggth click and maped it forever with password

I think i spoke too soon when i restarted the pc i can no longer see the drive, now how to make it available all the time?

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