[HOW TO] Access Windows remote desktop (Work server)

If you, like me, were working from home during lockdown, you may have needed to access works remote access in I.E. or Edge. When you do this there is usually a small download of an .rdp file. At the time I was using a VM of Windows 8.1 Pro and had got to install Office 365 to comply with IT security demands ( :rofl:).
Having downloaded the .rdp file, I copied this to a mounted USB stick.
I then ran Remmina and told it that I needed remote access to Windows network - all I had to do was point to the .rdp file which I had copied to my Desktop in Devuan and hey presto - I only ever needed 1 login, User name, Domain name, password. Under the Windows route I needed 3 separate times to enter my username and password! Just shows how superior GNU/Linux is to Windows in every sense of the word - I even took screenshots and shared with IT but never got a response! Wonder why? :crazy_face: