How to acess the files in media sharing on mobile

can anybody help e how to use this on andriod mobile

Are you trying to send files to the PC or are you trying to screen mirror onto it?

Also are you using the zorin connect app? If so where did you get the app from. Google play store or F-android?

when i turned this option on i could see all my files in my pcs file manger zorin is install on my laptop so i was wondering how to access files like that on anriod

I’m sorry can you explain it better. What ‘files’ are you looking to find on your phone? Just the filesystem on the device or?

i got some shows in videos folder and i have added it to media share .i just want to know how to ascess it in my phone idk how to ascess i tired using smb protocol but didnt work so i am asking how to connect it
bwt i ran in to another problem whenever i try to transfer y bakup to my usb a error will come

I’m unsure on how to help as of this stage. I can look further into it once I get home from work.

I just use a USB-C 1TB flash drive and the pixel file manager to transfer files and keep a backup of my laptop and phone on the USB.

My only suggestion would be to make sure all settings on the phone have been turned on in the permission manager mainly access file system.

If you want to manage files of your phone that's plugged to your computer you can just use the files manager. If you want to move files between the phone and the computer just drag and drop wherever you want, or copy files and paste them. Are you having problems seeing the phone once plugged? I have this issue, I plug it and it's detected shortly and then disappear, really annoying. Looks like the UPnP service doesn't work properly.

@parasgaming12 ,
Are you referring to a Function in the Zorin-Connect Application?

no i am refering to the sharing in settings of zoirnos idk how to ascess those files on my phone

I never tried these settings but I see that you have to enable the network to use for each sharing type. And of course enable the sharing type itself.

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