How to ad Keyboard US Intl with deadkeys on XFCE

How do I ad the option of a second keyboard. The main one is US Querty Standard, but I want to ad the US Intl with deadkeys and choose between the two on the bar at the bottom of the screen.

Launch Settings and select Keyboard. Move to the Layout tab.
At the very top, click the Switch Button for "Use System Defaults"
Now... On the toolbar at the bottom, click add.
Scroll down to English and click the expander arrow, scroll down to English (US, intl., with dead keys)

Once that is done, Right Click on the panel and select Panel > Preferences > Add new items
scroll down to Keyboard Layouts (setup and switch plugin)

The Use system defaults is as you say.
The toolbar at the bottom shows the Ad button greyed out, and nothing happens when I click it, left or right click. I can't choose anything other than English US.

Click the swtich for "use System Defaults" to OFF, then the add button will not be grayed out.

I went to the top right in the panel, chose Keyboard Layout and Generic 105 key PC (Intl.). I think that is the right keyboard. I will log out and in, and if you don´t hear from me in the next little while it is that it worked.

Thank you !!

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