[HOW TO] Add blur effect in Zorin OS 16 Lite

There is not a lot to say on this, as the link explains it all. The linked guide supplies the installation and configuration for an XFCE blur effect on windows and applications:


To bad they don't make something like this for the Cinnamon DE .... the website looks like it is very easy to install .....

I found this on the web guess it looks like it isn't possible .... :sob:

"Cinnamon uses its own WM/Compositor called Muffin, which is a fork of Mutter, which is a fork of Clutter. To my knowledge Cinnamon can't use other compositors."

" But having the blur effect is possible in Linux, in DEs such as"


KDE Plasma,

Gnome, i3 (with compton)

Oh well I ain't gonna change my DE just to have a blur effect

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It seems not. The closest I could find for cinnamon was:

I grabbed Wobbly Windows, Cube and Flipper to try them out. Just for fun.

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Yea I did some searching also and it looks "Muffin" will not play nice with any other compositors ... strange as there are a ton of requests for a blur effect for Cinnamon .... but for some reason they won't budge .... oh well guess I'll just have to pull up my big boy pants and forget about it .... LOL

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I am lucky in this one.

I do not like blur effect LOL.

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To be quite honest I have never tried it just wanted to see what it would look like with all my different themes ... LOL

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Something strange going on here .... I get your post and Storms post both trying to open up .... It asked to which post did I want to reply .... but yet i can't log into Storms post I can see it in my menu but I can't open it I just get this one ....

huh? I don't follow...

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Well I'll try because it's kind crazy .... the top 2 topics in my menu (click on your icon on the top left hand screen) I was already replying to a topic in Aravisians post .... when I finished and clicked reply it asked me was I replying to Aravisians or to Storms post (yours being in an entirely different thread) .... so I pushed Aravisians .... then I went to view your thread again clicking on my icon and it took me back to his thread and not yours .....

I did this several times with the same result .... finally I closed the board and reopened it again ..... same results .... so I closed down the board and went and did something else .... when I came back 15-20 mins later it was OK ....

Like I said strange .... the Martians did it .... LOL


I have had similar happen. Just close out any Drafts and that should fix it.

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The first time I just shut down Zorin site and started it right back up and it was still messed up so I shut down the Zorin Forum again and went and did something else for a while and when I logged back in it worked fine .... LOL .... it's fine now