How to add desktop shortcuts to websites with icons in Firefox

*d/l the site's icon, add /favicon.ico to the base URL
*Drag the site's lock icon to the desktop
*Right click it and choose Properties
*Click the icon in the upper left and navigate to your site's icon to change
*Click Permissions, check Allow executing as program, then uncheck it
*Name the shortcut, give it an htm extension

Thanks but does not work for Chromium; this used to work (just in the browser settings, more tools, create shortcut not anymore) I can drag but not drop a websites lock icon to the desktop. Permissions?

I just tested this by the following method using a form of Google-Chrome browser. I am using Zorin OS 16 Lite:
Highlight the entire address in the address bar.
Click on the highlighted address and drag to desktop - release left click.
Dialog then opened to create the shortcut - I confirmed and the shortcut launcher appeared on my desktop.

I am not sure if you are using Core or Lite or Pro. Your profile lists all three.