How to add start up tone when logging into Zorin OS?

Just like when you login to a Windows, Mac and Ubuntu OS, there is a start up tone that always plays.

As Zorin is technically based on the Ubuntu OS, how do I add in a start up tone for Zorin OS?

Go into startup applications, you'll find it there.

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does it have like a default sound or can i choose a diffirent sound?

I'm pretty sure it's a default sound.

Install sox (

`sudo apt-get install sox libsox-fmt-all`

Play a MP3 file with Terminal:

`play ~/Music/your_sound.mp3`

Put it into your startup:

Can I install, say, the Ubuntu startup tone?

You can download the sound from YouTube and put it into your startup like descripted ^^

For example:

Zorin 16 Pro comes with Startup Sound. I think Core does also. Zorin Lite does not.
Go to Settings>Sound>Volume Levels. This is set to zero, move slider to maximum.
Also check next item "Output Device". If you have a laptop it should be "Speakers - Built in audio". I have a desktop which is connected to monitor by HDMI.

I have a custom startup sound in Zorin OS and I followed a tutorial from youtube back then but I can't find it anymore. But I can help you with it.

First, one of the requirement is to install MPV to your system.

Second, download the sound that you want to use as the startup sound. I recommend you to use .ogg file. Make sure you remember the file path.

Third, create a simple bash script like below:

cd /home/$USER/your_sound_file_path
mpv your_sound_file_name_with_ogg_extension

Save it as .sh file. After that, set that file as an executable in the file properties using your File Manager.

And then the last one, open Startup Applications, then add a new program/slash command. Browse that .sh file that you created before. You can test it by reboot(recommended) or just log out and log in to your session.