How to add Startup app installed from Software store

How to find the installation location for the app installed from Software store app.

In the Software Store You have the ''Installed'' Tab where You should find all the installed Programs from the Software Store.

It depends on the software. Under the "Install" button you will see a drop-down menu with different sources to choose from, for example:

When the source says "Zorin OS" it means that it was installed using the APT package manager. You can run the following command on a terminal: which simplescreenrecorder, which output the location of the binary file, probably somewhere inside /usr/bin.

There are two other source types: Snap and Flatpak, which install programs in your home folder at $HOME/snapand $HOME/.var/app, respectively.
For both of these you can run snap list or flatpak list to see the installed applications and their names, and run with snap run <name> and flatpak run <app ID>. Note that for flatpak you would have to use the Application ID instead of the name to invoke it.

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thanks doing which parcellite worked. I did this for another app copyq earlier but it didn't show