How to add Startup apps

How do I make an app startup auto but I don't know the command to start the app? (parsec)
Is there a way to an app in the startup applications preferences?


You can often set the command to be the path to the desktop file for that app in /usr/share/applications

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You can use command which
which firefox and result


Than you will get full path for your app.
Also in start menu you type autostart and open app. Here you can add app and full path to the application’s binary executable of the application you wish to automatically start after user login



but for parsec they don't seem to work

Is it a flatpak or snap package?

a .deb

If you install synaptic and find the package in there, you can see where and which files is installed where.

hey where do see where installed is?

scroll down 'til you find parsec (perhaps it goes under different name?), select it. Click the Properties icon in upper right corner. Then in the tab that says "Installed files".

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so how what do i put in comment

Now you can see its .desktop file.
Open it

nano /usr/share/applications/parsecd.desktop


look for Exec= and you'll find its execution file command. Use that command in Startup Application Preferences.


You can look at /usr/bin it. It says /usr/bin/parsecd so parsecd is the command to use.


thanks it works

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