How to add steam games to desktop

How do I add downloaded steam games to the Desktop?

I was able to add games to the desktop in Kali Linux no problem but Zorin just does not create the shortcut when you say create shortcut.

You could try the 'add to desktop' extension.

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Right click on the game -> Manage -> Add desktop shortcut.

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When I download a game from Steam it always asks if I want to add an icon to my desktop I then move it to folder on my desk to keep my desktop from becoming all cluttered ..... not sure but I'm running Cinnamon DE not sure if that could make a difference .....

How and where would I get that?

Yeah I have done that about 7 or 8 times and nothing.

It won't even let me add it to my Desktop.

Download Extension Manager from the software store. You should be able to get the extension from searching for it in the browse tab in the Extension Manager. Once you've installed the extension, it will automatically activate.

When the extension is active, simply right click on the app you want to use, then click 'add to desktop'.

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Here is my desktop ....see the icons in the top left along with the Steam icon for opening Steam to play my listed games ..... also note the "Metro Last Light" icon with the big M that will open the game directly .... all my other games are in the My Folders and Mike folders .....

How did I do it .... no idea as I just click on the "Put icon on desktop" choice when it shows up after downloading the game .....

The Metro Last Light I just downloaded 3-4 days ago as it was a free game .....

How did you install Steam? If it's installed as a flatpak it may not have proper write permissions. When I search for Steam on the Software Store the default option selected is Flathub. You can also verify this by running flatpak list on a terminal and check if Steam appears on that list.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to fix your issue even if this is the case (without re-installing completely) but someone more knowledgeable might. Although honestly if you installed it through the package manager then I'm also a bit lost as to why it wouldn't work...

I guess you could try to create this file manually. Create a new text file on the desktop named after the game and use a .desktop extension, and write the following:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Sid Meier's Civilization VI
Comment=Play this game on Steam
Exec=steam steam://rungameid/289070

You should change the game ID which you can find out through sites like:
Lastly, you need to give this file executable permissions. Right click -> Properties -> Permissions -> Allow executing file as program.

Okay it works thanks, I will check now to see if it works for games.

Should be this one.

Try searching for 'add' and see what happens.

Yes sorry I needed to wait for it.

Still not working for Steam games, how do I get steam games to show up under the games folder like where you have your Accessories, Games, Graphics, ect?

Wait... it's not even showing in your menu?

Ok... I need a minute to devise another way.

Yeah the games only show up in Steam it's self, is it because I use the free Zorin or?

Oh you know what, I think as @zenzen suspects, it might be because you're using an unofficial version, which is a Flatpak.

You can tell by a single line in the description that says something in between the lines of 'This is a community package of Steam gaming platform not officially supported by Valve.' Because I remember having this issue once when I was trialling Linux (Before I joined the Zorin Forum).

I advise that you install the DEB version from Steam's official website.

Okay so, how do I make it so that the new official Steam will recognize that CS:GO is installed because it wanted me to install it all over again?

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Yeah... I'm not sure about that. Sorry.

No, I am using Zorin OS Lite (Free) and any Steam game I install shows up in the App Menu under Games.
Check ~/.local/share/applications to see if yuor Steam Installs are listed as .desktop files.