How to add trash icon on desktop?

I am using Zorin 16 and I installed Tweaks software. When I was using Zorin 15 using Tweaks I could regulate to show trash icon on desktop and since I switched to Zorin 16 there is no option for that.
How to add trach icon on desktop?

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It doesn't work on Zorin 16.

I just tested this to be sure (I generally prefer No Icons on the desktop. Possibly because when I was on windows, I used to clutter the desktop with icons so I could find everything).
Those settings work on Zorin OS 16.

Are you using a third party icon set?
Are you using fractional scaling or High DPI?

I also test it. It works in Zorin 16 on my end.

Same here, tested this a few weeks ago.

Works fine on mine - Zorin 16 Pro

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