How to adjust Brightness? (Desktop)


So I’m using ZorinOS 15 which I’ve just installed on my Desktop.
I did install the drivers for my Nvidia graphic card.

Now, I’m trying to adjust the brightness which is at 100%.


  • is it possible to do it via the Terminal?
  • is there a program for that?
  • Something else?

Other than using your built-in brightness and contrast controls on your monitor, go to Menu | System Settings | Devices | Displays then scroll down to Night Light and if off turn it on then move temperature slider all the way to the left or somewhere in-between. :wink:

Thank you for the alternative and I may use it to further customize my screen display but I’ve just decided to reinstall Zorin completely.

First, I installed it without the graphic drivers for nvidia. So, I installed them afterwards. Since there where many options under : Software Updater | Settings | Additional Drivers, I didn’t know which one to choose and therefore I certainly have installed not the best one which as a result might have been the cause of the problem.

Then, I reinstalled Zorin with the graphic drivers for nvidia and it’s working perfectly.

Glad you are sorted!