How to adjust brightness?

Hi everyone! This is my first time using linux, i turned my old samsung laptop into linux and zorin os is my operating system. I need help on adjusting my screen brightness. There are no sliders on settings, the brightness low and up buttons don't work. I tried using the power manager from the app store but it doesn't do anything. Pls help me.


If you use the xdisplay option, you can set a keyboard shortcut with the command to increase or decrease brightness - might even be able to link the brightness keys themselves!

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In general, laptops will have keyboard control (Fn or similar) over brightness as well. Using Zorin 17 on a Lenovo, my screen dims after inactivity. But does not undim when the screen is unlocked, or even upon keyboard or mouse activity prior to unlocking. This is annoying, but I now know the keyboard controls to brighten the display.

If you go to Settings -> Power; do you have 'Dim Screen' enabled?

If it becomes an issue, try opening a new thread to get it figured out - but, sounds like 'Dim Screen' is enabled..

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