How to adjust window Snapping


I’m enjoying the windows snapping feature (is that what it’s called?) but I’d like to turn off one part of it.

I do not want a window to go fullscreen if I pull it too close to the top of the screen. I’ve looked all over tweaks (both Zorin and Gnome) and can’t find a place to adjust this.

Is that because we can’t? (lol)

One of these may do it:


Thank you. I just noticed I capitalized ‘window’ twice. Force of habit from a different… urm… ‘distro’. :wink:

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Now that I’ve looked over those links the basic answer to my question appears to be ‘no’. The solutions in those links are more like a lightswitch – like I want to turn all of it off.

I don’t. I love this effect –

I guess it would need to be a set of settings for window behavior. A way to de-select just that one feature.

Thanks for reply, just the same.