How to allow FIDO2/Webauthn easily?


Someone know how to let Zorin OS recognize security keys with FIDO2/Webauthn?

My goal is not to login to Zorin OS with FIDO2/Webauthn but to use software that need FIDO2/Webauthn to login.
For instance, I cannot login anymore with my security key to my Bitwarden-2022.10.1-x86_64.AppImage

My security keys FIDO2/Webauthn works well when I'm using Firefox browser (Zorin).

I unsuccessfully tried:

and read a bite of
but it's way beyond my skills/knowledge.

I'm lost... don't want to go back to windows because of that.
I'm reading the " FIDO2 resident keys" part of Service - OpenSSH | Ubuntu but there is so much information that I don't know if this solution will work for me and I don't want to break my Zorin OS.

Any help in this journey will be appreciated.

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