How to auto expand start menu items?

I'm slowly moving over to Zorin from Windows 10 and everything has been going pretty well. There's one thing that windows does, and some other desktops I've played around in and that's when I click the Zorin button on my desktop and it brings up my submenus (accessories, games, internet, etc.) when I mouse over them, they don't automatically open up. This is kind of annoying cause I have to click to open the sub menu and that extra mouse click... whew... those are going to add up. lol... But seriously, it's just something I'm so used to I'm super annoyed that it's not there. Anyone know a way to force it?


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I do not use the default Menu on Zorin OS partly because of this.

You might do some searches for App Menu gnome-extensions to see if yuo can find an app menu that suits your needs.

I prefer XFCE (what Zorin Lite uses. Core uses Gnome), so on my desktop, I use WhiskerMenu.

On Cinnamon Desktop on Zorin, I use Stark Menu and Cinnamenu. Because of this, I have little experience with changing out the App Menu on zorin OS Core (Gnome).


Last time I used Windows was Windows7, and that was not a feature back then. Personally, I wouldn't want that feature. Because it would make me open up sections I didn't mean to open if I was hovering over them. I can't believe Microsoft would make such a change in their newer systems!

I realize you want this feature because perhaps you got used to it? Well, I never could get used to it, I picture myself in front of the computer cursing at it everytime it screwed me up. I don't know of a way to make what you want happen.

But Aravisian could be right, there might be an extension for it. Search Gnome extensions on their site if you'd like.

I'll see if there's an extension for it. I know this much, if you have gnome tweaks add a menu for you on the taskbar, that menu will do it. It's weird, I can gave two ways to get to my applications side by side and one will auto open the sub menus and the other will not. Confusing.