[HOW TO] Better Touchpad Gestures on ZorinOS

Hey all! I found the ZorinOS default gestures quite lacking but fortunately, ZorinOS comes with TouchEgg pre-installed so it's pretty easy to customize the gestures.
However, an extension that comes pre-installed conflicts with TouchEgg so it also is a hurdle.

I have created an intuitive guide to have better (imho) and more feature-rich touchpad gestures on ZorinOS.



Since ZorinOS 16 already comes with TouchEgg preinstalled, you don't install TouchEgg manually :slight_smile:

Just copy and paste the line below in your terminal.

gnome-extensions disable x11gestures@joseexposito.github.io; rm -f ~/.config/touchegg/touchegg.conf; git clone https://github.com/NayamAmarshe/ZorinGestures.git; cd ZorinGestures/; cp touch* ~/.config/touchegg/;

That's it!


Swipe Gestures:

  • 3 Fingers UP or DOWN: Switch Workspace
  • 3 Fingers LEFT or RIGHT: Change Volume
  • 4 Fingers UP or DOWN: Show overview
  • 4 Fingers LEFT or RIGHT: Go Back and Forward


Pinch Gestures:

  • 3 Fingers PINCH IN/OUT: Maximize and Restore Window size

Nice tutorial! Thanks for it! It will definitely improve my workflow

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I have updated the guide, please take a look at the GitHub link as I'm unable to edit the post.

Hi, this looks really awesome.. I have enabled horizontal workspace. Is it possible to switch the 3 finger left or right to switch workspaces and 3 finger up and down to show overview?

Yes of course, You can use the app 'touche' to customize the gestures after installing my config files.

Hello @NayamAmarshe! I trully loved your tutorial and the new gestures, especially the one for volume levels are amazing, but something bothers me.
I use a laptop, since I don't have a desktop PC, but I often use an external keyboard and mouse. If I'm using the external keyboard and, for some reason, use the laptop keyboard, the screen freezes for a few seconds. It's like the system freezes to recognize the new keyboard. The same happens with the gestures: when I use the 3 finger horizontal swype to adjust the sound level, the screen freezes and then gets back, if I use the keyboard, then the screen freezes one more time.
I have absolutely no idea what this can be, if you know, your help would be much appreciated.

@glhrmlz Make sure 'Disable While Typing' option is disabled in Touchpad settings.


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As soon as I get near my computer, I'll try it. I'll reply this message when I do. Thank you

Ok, I did it. Yet the problem with the screen freezing persists

This is not an issue related to Touchegg I believe.
Still, you can take a look here: How to fix USB mouse and keyboard freezing? - Ask Ubuntu