How to change default search engine

I am trying Zorin Core from a USB drive. I went to Settings and changed my default search engine to DuckDuckGo, but Google is still coming up as the search engine. How do I get rid of Google and go with DuckDuckGo?

It will change it when you look for something directly on the address bar, although not on the big start page input.

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I used this thing called a search engine on the internet and found this:

Change your default search settings in Firefox | Firefox Help.

Go to Settings (cog that appears when you use the hamburger (3 bars) top right, then go to Search, choose your preferred search engine:

Then under Search Shortcuts, highlight the search engines you don't want/need one at a time, and after highlighting, select the Remove button underneath:

If you are using the Zorin start option, this defaults to Google, so change your home page to blank or

The problem as I understand it is not that it didn't apply the settings, but that the start page doesn't have an option to use something else other than Google. It's just a website like any other, so it can't read your search engine preferences, you'll have to use the address bar directly or update the home page to something else.

Which is what I stated at the end of my previous post. :wink:

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Surely without Persistence in use on the Live USB, saving app settings and OS settings will all be lost on reboot.

I believe Persistence may work on Ventoy, but not other Live USB creation tools for Z16. I have failed to get Persistence to work with ZorinOS via Unetbootin beyond Z15, which I understand stems from a issue from Ubuntu 20.04.

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I tried that thing called a search engine before posting my question, and the answers it returned did not solve the problem.

Have you checked @zabadabadoo 's point about LiveUSB Persistance?
Are the settings reverting due to you leaving the logged in Desktop or rebooting?

Or are they not honored from the very start?

Is google coming up as the search engine everywhere or just the addressbar?

Can you check FireFox version:

firefox -V

It should produce the result of 117.

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