How to change desktop environment on zorin 16 pro

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On zorin's website, it shows that zorin 16 pro includes xfce desktop environment. I have installed the pro version normally, now I want to switch my desktop environment from gnome to xfce but can't find any settings to do that. Can anyone please help, I'm new to this.

Zorin OS Pro comes with Zorin OS Pro Lite - but they are separate Installations.
I believe you should be able to install the Lite Desktop onto core, however, with

sudo apt install -y zorin-os-lite-desktop

You will get some prompts for the LightDM file manager in the Terminal during installation. I recommend opting for the LightDM desktop, but this is entirely your choice.
You can configure the lightdm desktop manager with LightDM gtk greeter settings; if it is not installed, you can install it with

sudo apt install lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings

Once the desktop is fully installed.

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How do I install zorin OS pro lite?

You can install Zorin OS Pro Lite by downloading the .iso file from the Email notification you received after the Release of Lite.
Burn the .iso as a bootable medium using your preferred USB etching Software.
Boot the USB and select "Try or Install" from the grub menu.

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How to install both lite and pro environment?

Does your question relate to a different question as the O.P.?
As asked, they look the same.

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