How to change email application in settings

In Gnome desktop menu > Settings > Details > Default Applications > Mail, there are no options besides Evolution. Does anyone know how to add or change that to Gmail ?

Please note that [Help] Zorin OS Desktop Guide > "Change which mail application is used to write emails" doesn't offer a viable solution.

It's because gmail is web-based and not an actually application on your computer. But you can set evolution up to use gmail.

If you want to use Evolution as your email client then this may be of interest:

I myself prefer to use Thunderbird for email and calendar, instead of Evolution.

Yeah, but since you can connect to G-Drive from your computer, I thought there might be a more direct method, like a Google desktop app. (Unfortunately there isnn't.) Thanks for pointing this out.

Yes indeed! It led me to this:
Many thanks!

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