[HOW TO] change folder color of your theme

buckle up buckaroos! today we are going to dig into some folder color customization in our icon themes.

Colloid before:

Colloid after:

  1. my folder icons are dictated by the Colloid theme seen below. make a copy of your theme folder and rename it to what you want. in my case i called it colloid purple

  2. open the OG theme in one file manager and your copied folder in another file manager. it's easiest to have them side by side. in both managers, open your theme folders and navigate to places->scalable

notice that my OG theme on the left has blue folders all over the place for the defaults. in my new theme folder on the right, i deleted all the blue folders and left only the purple folders i want to use in their place as well as all the icon images that come with the theme.

if i switch to 'colloid purple' in gnome tweaks at this point, all my folders are null because the purple folders aren't named to the OG standard, so we need to rename our purple folder files to the blue folder file names on the left file manager

  1. the first folder to rename is Desktop. so search for 'desktop' in both your file managers. then rename the purple desktop folder to each of the blue folder desktop file names until you see your desktop folder show up with the right folder color

note: after each rename, you have to switch themes and back in gnome tweaks to get the folders to refresh

in my case, renaming my purple folder to user-desktop.svg is what did the trick. you'll have to experiment with your own theme's filenames to get it working for you.

  1. the next folder to replace is Documents. search for 'documents' in each of your file managers and repeat the naming process and theme switching steps from before.

  2. go down the list of your folder names for Downloads, Music, Pictures, etc searching for each in your file managers and renaming them as needed. be sure to change the name of the basic default folder in your new theme too to capture all other folders so they all switch over at once. this way you don't have to highlight folders, right click, and change folder colors individually leading to inconsistent colors.

tada! feel free to splice themes together using this method, no need to feel stuck with a chosen theme's folders if you want something else entirely but want to keep the other aspects of it.

happy customizing everyone!