How to change from Ubuntu to Zorin 12

Hi all. I’ve had Zorin 12 on my pc for 3 years now. I just do basic stuff on pc. Mostly pc is used for surfing internet, streaming and now and again doing documents etc. Nothing major.
A week ago I got help from someone to install Ubuntu 20.04 on a laptop. But I really don’t like the looks of it. Struggle to do similar stuff that I did on Ziron pc, to change looks.

I’m here to ask… Can you help me to replace the Ubuntu with Zorin 12.

Please keep in mind that I’m really not tech savvy and tech lingo is also a problem.

@RiaS Hi and welcome to the forum.
A couple of questions to help steer advice on installation:
1 Are you using Ubuntu (or in the past Zorin 12) on its own or as dual-boot with another Operating System e.g. Windows?
2 Do you intend to (re)install Zorin 12 Core or Lite in place of Ubuntu 20.04?

In the meantime have a look at this:

Also, @swarfendor437 's Unofficial Manual for Zorin 12 is still available for download, (if you do not have it already).

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I could not get to a Zorin 12 link. Only got 15.3 version. It’s on laptop now. But…
Mouse pointer glitches. Makes a trail over the screen when I move it. And flickers and disappear. Not specifically at any place, random.

Plus when watching Netflix or a movie on VLC, it’s like we are watching a DVD that skip’s. Example: Watching a mo mo mo that skip’s. This happens ± every 3 minutes. This skipping is not random like the mouse pointer.

Should I just have kept on looking for the Zorin 12? My laptop specs is low.

Link to Zorin OS 12.4 Lite 64bit:
Link to Zorin OS 12.4 Lite 32bit:

With lower end specs, it may be preferrable now to stay on Zorin 12, as the newer Distros are gearing toward newer Hardware due to the 5.4 and up Kernel.
I am running Zorin 12 and 15 (dual boot) on my OLD Shop “Toughbook” and 12 performs faster and smoother.

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Found this:
But almost certainly your specs are an issue - you write that they’re low but what specifically are they?

Not gonna lie, I’ve got no idea. I’m really not tech savvy. I try to figure stuff out and if not, I ask for help and info from others.
Spoke to someone about the laptop and that is what was said to me. I can tell you the make and model. And then maybe you can tell me if the specs are really that low… And which version of Zorin would be best 12 or 15.
Thanks so much. I’ll really welcome info and help.

Can you paste the output of lshw -short ?