How to change language on lock screen?

Hello! I changed the system language to French, when I try to return to the language that was in the system before, or any other language, the French language remains on the lock screen. Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?

I already tried deleting the language, but it didn't work, the lock screen is still in French, just the lock screen.

I looked into this and in the course of researching your issue, I came across this Gnome Shell extensions:GitHub - galets/gnome-keyboard-reset: Reset keyboard to default layout on screensaver activation

It may be able to help you.

I covered this in the unofficial manual for 17. There are two Language screens. One for system and one for loginscreen. [Page 185 Bitstream Vera Sans version Mk.II]

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Interesting. I don't have that:

Could it be a X11/Wayland Difference?

I think I was in Wayland when I wrote the manual. Will have to take another look.

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I don't want to make You more Work. Sorry for that.

It appears to have disappeared now that it has updated to 17.1. When I chose Region and Language in Settings it did like it has done on earlier versions of Zorin - the Region and Language has not been installed fully/properly so selected to do so. Have rebooted and now have the same as yourself:

This means an addendum to the manual at some point! Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!

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