How to change libreoffice's theme

Hey there. when i set zorin's theme to dark, it sets every default apps theme to dark. how do i set libreoffice's theme back to light?

sorry for my bad english.

One way you could do this is add "env GTK_THEME=zorin" to the beginning of the exec line for the applications .desktop file
this file is located at /usr/share/applications/libreoffice-writer.desktop
the original line:
Exec=libreoffice --writer %U
once edited this line will read :
Exec=env GTK_THEME=zorin libreoffice --writer %U

while this shows how to do it for writer the same will apply to the rest of the software suite as long as you change their .desktop file to specify the theme on launch.

These edits must be done as a superuser since the owner is root, meaning your account wont be able to edit these files by default. You can easily edit this file by using "sudo nano /usr/share/applications/libreoffice-writer.desktop" in a terminal window.

As an added note, any of the other Zorin themes could be substituted here along with any other GTK theme your heart desires so long as you have it installed on your system, just replace "zorin" with the theme you'd like to use in the Exec line of the .desktop file.

If you have not done something like this before I recommend backing up your .desktop file to ensure that if you make a mistake you can easily restore to the working version.

Hope this helps.

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If you want to set up a Zorin Theme that keeps dark mode for menus and other operating system components but opens most (e.g. Libre Office, Text Editor, Firefox, Evolution and others) applications in light mode, there is a very simple way to get to that result.

Open "Zorin Appearance", click on "Theme", click on "Other", and then set "Applications" to "Adwaita", which is a standard light theme.

Having done that, you can set some applications back to dark mode if you prefer dark mode for an application. For example, to set Firefox in dark mode, open Firefox, then open Settings, then open "Extensions and Themes" (toward bottom, left column), then open "Themes". Dark mode will show as "Disabled", but you can enable dark mode for Firefox by clicking the "Enable" button for the dark theme. Many but not all apps have similar ways to set dark or light mode, although the path in each is different.

The method I'm describing is not nearly as precise as changing the GTK theme for Libre Office alone, but I use that setup because I like dark mode in general but prefer most applications to be set in light mode.

To add onto this approach, you can use gnome-tweaks and change the themes for applications to be Zorin-light or Zorin-dark if you don't like the look of Adwaita. I don't know why the other Zorin options aren't available for applications in look changer but they can be found in gnome-tweaks.