How to change System font for only Thai

I love Zorin English font but not Thai i want to change it to IBM Plex Sans Thai font for only Thai English and Number still Default from Zorin please help me (sorry for bad English ig)

See on Zorin Appearance > Character Types > change font. I searched for the font that you want but it misses, maybe you want to download it on GNOME Software, scroll down and click Extensions.

To change system language, Settings > Region & Language.

Are you trying to use this font?

See if this guide helps you as Zorin 16 is a fork of Ubuntu 20.04.

I don't see The Character Types

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Yes, I know, it's a bug, you should reopen the Extensions section several times until you actually see the fonts or open System Monitor and kill gnome-software, when you reopen it it should work without any problems.

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