How to change the application menu on Zorin Dash?

Hello! I've been looking around the forums for some clues on how to change the application menu screen that appears after you click Show Applications button on the Zorin Dash, but I didn't find similar topics. I am running Zorin Pro 16 and currently using MacOS-like layout. I really love it and it is easy to use. However I'd like to change the application menu because I don't like that it takes up the whole screen. It's just not effective in my opinion.

I tried to install Gnome Tweaks and Arc Menu, but it doesn't recognise Zorin Dash even though it's based on Dash to dock (as far as I know). Any help would be appreciated.

Click on the :zorin: logo bottom left of the screen.

Type Extensions Click on it.

Scroll down the list until you find Zorin Dash.

Then click the :gear: icon.

All settings in reference to the Zorin Dash and what you can do with it are there.

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately it does not have an option to change how the application menu looks.

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