How to change the boot order?


Whenever I open the computer I have to press the F12 in order to be able to enter the Zorin boot menu otherwise I automatically enter the windows. I don't find a way in the bios to change it.

I just edit a bit of the title to make it clear for other volunteers.
Unless you are talking about two separate disks, you are talking about a boot order not a boot device.

I think you can edit your grub in this case but I am not an expert for this.
I will ask our master moderator @Aravisian who is more knowledgeable than myself.

thanks <3

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I believe these are settings you can change in the bios. Try looking there.

I think the BIOS Legacy BIOS can only change the boot order of disks not the partitions on the same disk (which is the case for OP).

After I read the posting by @337harvey I realised that I forgot to ask about Legacy/EFI setting of OP's BIOS.

I tend to forget this since the only dual-boot I have is pre-EFI Legacy BIOS only Acer Aspire running Zorin 15,3 and Windows 11 <- not a typo.


What happens if you start tapping the esc key at the motherboard logo at boot?

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LOL well, then...


Because we all know who to obey :crown:


That is true with my system

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Try entering bios (F2, ESC, F10... one of them)... go to the boot tab. Select Ubuntu and hit the plus key until it's at the top. Press F10 to save and exit.

Bios doesn't show devices but bootable partitions. The order is by disk and partition (disk 0, partition 0 is normally windows... depends on the system and installation).


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