How to change the folder icons color?

Hi! Is it possible to change the colors of the folders only, without affecting the rest of the theme?

I’m using Zorin with the Orange accent color, and love it; however the orange folders just hurt my eyes! I’d love to have grey folders together with the orange accent color.

As an alternative, I’ve tried a few icon themes from, but I prefer the stock icons from Zorin, so I’m not willing to change all the icons just to get new folder icons.

Oh, and I know that I can change a single folder’s color by right-clicking > Folder’s Color, but I want the setting to be applied to all folders.

Is this possible? Thank you.

The folder colors are not determined by a setting, but by the individual images in the icon theme and their colors.
The colors can be changed but not in a fast and easy way.
If it was me, I would elevate my file manager, then make copies of the ZorinOrange(or -Dark) icon theme in ~/.icons. Then make another copy ZorinGrey(-Dark) (I think these are the two you referenced). Right click, select properties, then change their ownership recursively (Apply to all files and folders) on both to your user account from the Root account.
Once this is done, open your file manager and replace the “Places” folders in each size: 16x16, 16x16@2x, 22x22, 24x24, 24x24@2x and so on until all “Places” directories for each size are replaced. Then reload the icon theme in your Tweak Tool or appearances settings.

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Thank you for your reply!

I actually got it to work by using Gnome Tweaks and selecting the “Zorin” theme; this one wasn’t available from the Zorin Appearance app!

Looks perfect now.


I’m in 80’s mode so love the Candy Icons theme: