How to change the name of menu items ...?

First, "hi" to everyone. Second, I know how to use the "Edit Menu" utility, but I cannot change the name of the "Advanced Network Configuration" application. I would like to rename it so that it's at least shortened to something like "Network Configuration" so the length of the original name doesn't go across the entire length of the scrollable space within the menu. See picture below. So, how to do this? There's gotta be a way. If not, then can we resize the menu, like how we can in Linux Mint using Cinnamon? Thanks. Hope to get a few responses today.

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Have a look in /usr/share/applications
When you found it, you can edit it with nano

sudo nano /usr/share/applications/name-of-the-app

Your feedback worked for "Advanced Network Configuration."

Thank you! BUT I cannot find GIMP's entry (Flatpak version).

Wish Zorin OS allowed for easy editing of ALL applications' names.

Flatpak is isolated from the rest of the system, you may take a look at /var/lib/flatpak/exports/share/applications