How to completely remove gnome DE from Zorin Core

I did this:

sudo apt install zorin-os-lite-desktop 

Because I hate gnome, and now I want to remove every trace of it, no nautilus, no GDM; how do I do that?

That's a tedious/extreme to do job. Easier would be to clean install lite version.


It seems like the best approach, I hate workarounds.
Another question, Will performance be better with a fresh install? Or Will it be the same now? (without deleting gnome)

Fresh install is always better, cleaner :slight_smile:


Most likely, performance would be the same. However, a fresh install is cleaner, safer and less clutter.
If keeping Zorin Lite Desktop installed on a machine that is loaded with Zorin Core, it would be preferable to keep the Core desktop installed and just generally ignore it. Because Gnome contains a lot of integrated packages and the more of those you have, the more can go wrong in a removal.
If you want it gone,a Fresh install of Zorin Lite is the best way to go for a stable system, not really to see a difference in performance of Lite on either build.

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Both core and lite use the gtk libraries for graphics. All UI elements are based on that library. Because of this, some gtk libraries and software are going to remain. You would have to install a DE that runs on the QT libraries to eliminate them completely (KDE). This would still leave some g software because Zorin requires it to be Zorin. So you will never be rid of all g software as long as you're on this distro.

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