How to Conect Kindle 10th Generation to Zorin OS 15.3?


I cannot conect my Kindle 10th Generation to PC by using an USB cable. I have tried to do it several times.



Whenever this has happened to me, I found that the cable was not the right type for Data Transfer. You might try switching to a different cable.
Aside from that, you may need a media transfer protocol tool

sudo apt install gmtp

Connect the device, then open gmtp and search for that device.

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Thanks, @Aravisian,

I will try both solutions! :wink:

Hello, @Aravisian!

Finally, I have found a compatible USB cable. So I have connected my Kindle to PC and It was recgnized immediatelly!

Thank you so much!

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Also second way is to use email address , and send what you need to your Kindle.
And opposite, from Kindle to PC ( for that you need to log on your Amazon acc on web, and than you can easily download all books to PC )

Hello, @marko94!

Certainly, that's an excellent way as well.

Thank you,


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