How to configure two displays so that one uses the onboard graphics (Intel) and the other the Nvidia?

I have a screen connected to the graphic onboard via VGA and the other via DVI to the Nvidia card, the problem is that when I install the recommended driver (I have an Nvidia Gts-450) and restart the PC, I configure the screen that is connected to the dedicated one as primary the second monitor does not receive signal, and if I do the same in reverse ...
Yes, I know, everything would be easier if I connected both to the Nvidia but I do not have the adapter and my two monitors only have VGA input...
From now on I appreciate any guidance you can give me.

I have no clue how to help you, but hopefully the suggestions from this thread do help you:

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Thank you very much, I had already seen that link and it did not help me, but I managed to make everything work as I wanted by installing the 16 beta version!