How to configure window snapping?

When I drag a window to one of the sides of my screen, it snaps into place occupying one half of my screen.

On my ultra wide monitor, I want to have my screen divided into three sections: left, middle and right. Instead of just two.
Is it possible to configure this?

Additionally, I would like to assign a key shortcut to snap a window in one of the sections or minimize or maximize the currently active window.
Is this possible?

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Can you please state what version of Zorin OS you are using, or which release of Zorin OS?
For example: Zorin OS 15.3 Core or Zorin 15.3 Lite. Or Zorin OS 16 Core.

Yes sure: Im using Zorin OS 16 - Core.

That is using Gnome Desktop Environment. I do not believe that the default Gnome window snapping is that configurable to meet your needs. But perhaps a gnome-extension that enhances those features may be able to help you. For example:

You could try the WinTile Gnome extension. Just installed it on Zorin 16 and it works.
gives the option for splitting the screen into 3 columns and snapping seems to reflect this.

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Dear @Stineyah,

this does in fact look promising.
I installed it, configured three columns and I am able to drag and snap my windows to the left and the right third of the screen.
However, the snap regions are flashing at a rate of approximately 2 Hz.
And I can't find a way to snap a window to the middle region.
I would love to use keyboard shortcuts to do the window placement, but I can't figure out where I can configure them.
I also noticed, that the default key bindings Ctrl + Super + left/right are still working, but they place the window on the left or right half instead of a third (I have configured three columns for wintile).

I'm still trying to get this to work properly.
But I appreciate your help and wanted to provide feedback.

Do you have the same issues, or does it work flawlessly for you?
If you have an idea what I'm doing wrong, please let me know!

If you use super + right/left key then the opposite key when set to 3 columns it will be in the middle position. I'm not too familiar with the program as I don't typically focus on tiling when doing my workflow. This isn't as easy as clicking one button to get it to the center but it is functional and doesn't appear on my end to mess with any other window that may be occupying the left or right snap area.

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