How to connect my laptop as a second monitor?


I would like to connect my laptop, which also uses Zorin OS, as a second monitor.
I am not sure about which option is better.

My laptop as a HDMI port, should I buy a HDMI to USB cable to use it as a second monitor?
Or would a wireless connection be possible?

I stick with DP (Display Port) or HDMI as much as possible for compatibility and performance.
USB is a narrower port.

Thank you.
So, since my laptop has a HDMI port, I should buy a HDMI to HDMI port?
And once connected, the option should appear by going to settings > display?

I did. I had a mini-DP to DP and it mostly worked... But having the standard DP cable improved things.

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I have bought the cable, but it seems not to work.

Just, what I would like is used my main desktop with its main monitor and only the laptop as a second monitor.

I do not know where I am supposed to plug that HDMI cable. Should I buy a splitter?

Or would it be easier to use a software such as Deskreen (an option I have been recommended)?

I could not fathom how you were going to be able to connect your Zorin laptop to your Zorin desktop using a HDMI cable, for the laptop to act as a second monitor for the desktop without some software.

I have just seen this: With Deskreen, You Can Mirror or Stream Your Linux Computer Screen to Any Device
Well you learn something new each day :slight_smile:

It appears that Deskreen is available as a .deb and not just for Windows. It seems able to do what you want and you can use wifi and not need a cable.

If you intend to try this, let us know how it works out.

Thank you, yeah it was the second option I was refering to :slight_smile:
So, I think I would then need to buy a HDMI Dummy Plug Display.
This was the reason I asked whether there was a possibility to connect my laptop via cable or something else.