How to connect Zorin Laptop with Android using USB cable?

Dear all,

I was using Windows 7 on my laptop. I connected my laptop to android using a USB cable and mount my phone device with it. And I can choose to mount or to charge my phone battery using a USB cable if I plug it into my laptop.

Since I using Zorin OS, I can't mount my phone files through a USB cable. And to many steps, if I mount my phone files with Zorin connect.

Do you have any idea to face this problem, because if I don't have an internet connection I can't access Zorin connect? I think very usefully if I can connect my phone to my Zorin laptop with a USB cable.

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It should work just fine. However, not all cables are the same. Some are strictly for charging and others for charging or data transfer.
Most of the time, the issue causing lack of connection is due to cable. Please try switching to a Known Working Data Transfer USB cable.


If it is a modern up-to-date smartphone, when you connect using your global USB-C cable, the default is to charge - you have to tap the screen to get the alternatives:


Dear Aravisian, I switch the the USB cable and I can charge my phone but not data transfer. I think the USB cable is the problem.

Some inexpensive USB cables are power supply only.

I recently converted a damaged power/data USB cable to a power supply only cable for my night light.

One less e-waste for a land -fill :slight_smile:

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