How to control laptop fan

Im new to zorin and linux, and i have an MSI gaming laptop. i tried to install dragon center, the main thing i use on windows, to control my fan speed and performance settings, but it doesnt work for whatever reason, even with windows app support. ive tried instructions from other posts but there arent enough details for me to understand how to install them.

Wine (Windows App support) is fine for running general stand-alone applications that are written for Windows.
However, Wine is not intended for System Applications. The system you are using is Linux, not Windows and Wine cannot really change your system in some way.

When I was on Windows, I had my preferred applications. Irfanview is one... And so many others. When I switched to Zorin, I installed Wine - then installed Irfanview and my favorite Windows apps. Most worked just fine. But... they also had to init through Wine which slowed me down. And... It was extra steps and extra resources being used when there are plenty of Good Linux Apps out there. I did not give them a chance because it was easier on me to stick with what I knew and was familiar.
So, I decided to stop that.
I removed Wine and started using Native Linux Apps. And now I prefer them over the Windows apps. And...I get annoyed when I have to use Windows and use Windows apps that are not my familiar solid reliable Linux apps LOL.

Here are some tips for using Linux CLI or GUI to control or monitor notebook fans:

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Sadly what Aravisian is true. My GPU was easy to get up and running with core control ( AMD ) but CPU is a different story. I had to manually do it through the bios. What the problem is with that is you don't have free control and sadly, depends on age. Laptops usually suck when it comes to bios settings ( usually older laptops new laptops are the Baws :smiley: )

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