[HOW TO] Convert .rpm files to .deb files

@swarfendor437 had taught me this back on the old ZorinGroup Forum after a successful mammoth hunt. I just remembered it while looking for a .deb package in relation to another thread, so wanted to stick an Alien up the forum before I forget again.

sudo apt install alien

Alien is a CLI app that works from your terminal. In only One Line:
alien <filename.rpm> <filename.deb>

That's it.
Converts .rpm packages to an installable .deb package that you can double click to install on Zorin (Or Ubuntu). Useful when you cannot find the package you want in a .deb but it does exist as an .rpm file (Which is surprisingly often...). It can also handle Other Packaging formats, so feel free to play with your alien and see what comes out of it.



Intresting never needed yet it, but I will install alien anyways. So I can take advantage of .RPM. I was thinking of something like AUR or RPM for Debian based distros. Now I don't need them