How to copy and paste a fiole or folder inside 'Files'

If I navigate to a folder and want to copy it or a file in it to another place, how can I do this without the terminal?
I have tried by to no avail.

By point'n'click? And I guess it's outside your home directory you are reffering at? You could try launch nautilus as superuser. But it's not recommending doing so, as mistakes will be fatale for your system.

In the /var/www/ directory for example. Want to choose a file in a directory, copy it and then go to another dir and paste it.

@Storm 's post was correct. You are getting a permissions error.
You can get the proper permissions by elevating to Root:

sudo -i

Launch the file manager (Core or Pro):


(Lite or Pro Lite)


I also second his advice to do so with caution.
be sure of what you are doing when moving things in root.
Personally, I can think of very little reason to copy or move files in /var other than making backups of Logs...

Yes I understand the dangers of goofing up. It was mainly to copy the apache conf or html files then paste so I could change minimal text in them to save having to totally rewrite the same txt in each one.

I have copied and pasted into new nano files instead.

or you can install an extension for nautilus called nautilus admin. To install it:

sudo apt install nautilus-admin

After that, in Files/Nautilus, you can right-click and open as administrator. I recommend you to have 2 tabs opened after activating it as administrator. 1 tab for the file/folder you want to copy, the other one for the destination folder or path. It'll make you easier to copy-paste file while in the admin session.

*This is will only work if you use the Nautilus file manager, the default file manager in Zorin OS Core


Many thanks. Yes that works well. I always do the 2 tabs trick.This will now save me a lot of time.

Being that you are setting up a web server, change the permissions on the www directory so that your user has write and execute permissions. Any http server will default the installation to /var/www. In the installation configuration you are usually advised to create a user for the purpose of the server admin and give that user permissions to add content. Another thing you could do is modify the default config so the server pages (www directory) are in your home folder, but this can create security issues as well as access to things you wouldn't allow remotely.

While the only difference, really, between a desktop computer and server are the services offered publicly, zorin was not meant to run as a server. Most server OS"s lack a desktop to ensure the service gains most of the resources. Zorin very well can be a server, but it may be lacking the security and may require software, library and service installation/configuration in order to run properly.

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