How to create a new volume/partition in zorin os 16?

First of all, excuse my ignorance but i am a noob. I have recently switched from windows to zorin os (which is the first linux distro i am trying). So, i want to know if there is a way by which i can create a new volume.
For example: i had a New Volume D: and a New Volume E in windows. I hope i am putting this the right way.

If you are in Zorin OS, you can use the DISKS utility to create new partitions.

But an app that might be even easier for newbies to use, might actually be Gparted. You can get Gparted from the Zorin software store.


so after partitioning, would i be able to store data in the volumes? and will the volume appear in 'files'?

When you make new partitions on a hard drive, what you are doing, is making partitions out of the available space that is on the drive.

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oh. ok now get it. thank you @StarTreker for the quick response.


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