How to create NFTS partition for Windows 7 using Zorin?

Hello im super noob, i just got gifted a netbook with Zorin installed and i know nothing about this so i want to install Windows 7 on it.
I managed to get into the bios to chose the booting device and selected my pendrive with windows 7 installer.
But when selecting the partition it says that it needs to be a NFTS partition so my question is how do i create this partition from the Zorin OS?
I goolgled but everything seems to point towards the other directions, things like how to install zorin from windows or how to partition from windows.
Thank you very much.

From within Zorin OS, you can use the Partition Manager: gparted. You can install gparted from Software or from terminal with:

sudo apt install gparted

You can open gparted from the App Menu (Start Menu) or from the terminal. Enter the root password and the gparted GUI window will open.
Select the partition you want to install Windows 7 on. Right click it and select "Unmount".
Once unmounted, you can select that partition again and right click > Format To > ntfs.

Hello thank you for the help.
I found the terminal and as you said it asks for the ''password of administrator'' but i have no idea what that password is and it actually wont even type anything when i press the keys to type a password.
So maybe i need to delete zorin because i dont have the password but at the same time i need it to create the nfts partition to install windows? What would you do in my case?

Probably the easiest option would be to download Zorin OS:

Burn it to a DVD or to USB with Unetbootin.
Plug in the USB and reboot the computer - select the Boot Order immediately after the Computers Motherboard splash screen and select the USB to boot from.
From here you can use Try Zorin to access gparted. On the Try Zorin demo, the username is zorin and the password is just blank.
Or, if you would like to keep Zorin as a Dual Boot Computer, you could install Zorin OS on the existing partition your copy of gifted Zorin is on, creating a new root password on the new install. Then partition and format as you need.

It asks you the root password. Most of the time, it is the password that you use to login to Zorin OS.
And it doesn't displays the typed password due to security reasons. Just type your password and hit enter. It seems like it's empty but it's actually not.

I am not so sure if OP is still with us, but

I double checked.

As of January 14, 2020, your computer running Windows 7 will still function but Microsoft will no longer provide the following:

Technical support for any issues
Software updates
Security updates or fixes


Makes me wonder how many people out there still using unsupported Windows such as XP, 7, Vista and 8. There is no mystery that ransomware has become such an epidemic. Sad thing is that even someone was offered much safer up-to-date OS like Zorin, he/she will reject it and opt for insecure unsupported OS.

This is a prime example of the old saying: "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink".