How To Customize Zorin?

I am Really bored of the default theme of Zorin. Does anyone have an Idea how to make it look more crispier and interesting? Getting new Themes and Taskbar and other Stuff?
Can Anyone Help me???


Have you searched in the customization forum here a little bit?

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You can use conkys and install 3rd-party themes if you want.


I Would Really Like a Detailed Procedure for Installation without Destruction of my personnel Information and PC just like you explained in this post :blush:

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Detailed information requires a detailed question.
For example, let's say that you want to change something about the panel, you could detail your question as:
"I would like to make my panel transparent with glowing icons. How can I do that?"

Your profile shows that you are using Gnome Desktop.
On Gnome, many customizations can be achieved using Gnome-Extensions. This is something Zorin OS uses extensively to create the Zorin Desktop.

You can search and try out third party themes. Some themes, you can add the repository and install directly. I know a guy that does this...
For most others, you download the theme, then extract it either for User to
Or to be system-wide:
Nothing there is dangerous. Worst case is that the system won't see the theme if it is not in the correct path.
Once the downloaded and extracted theme is in the themes folder, open Zorin Appearance - and select Other
From here, you can switch to your new theme using the drop down menu.

For more detailed and also for easier configurations you can pay with, as a Pro user, you might check out running a liveUSB of your Zorin OS Pro Lite.
The XFCE desktop comes with many abilities built in to configure the panel (taskbar) in a surprisingly large number of ways. Window borders can be changed, managed or even, eliminated to just 1 pixel (I don't recommend it, though. :stuck_out_tongue: )
The suggestion of conky is also an excellent one. You can create a background image for a conky that stands out. Or a dynamic background on a conky that moves (using Lua). Patience is required, it will take some learning.

And if you really get going, you can Make Your Own Theme.
Again, patience would be required... It was months before I completed my first theme that got my computer looking how I wanted... and it was an amateur effort, I can tell you.


Still not Solved!
I want to make my desktop look like windows.

Which version of Windows do you most prefer?
Boomerang is most known for making themes that look like WIndows OS:

For the above link, you can click the Download Button at the upper right side.
The *.zip file will download into your ~/Downloads directory.
Right click it and choose Extract here
Move the extracted directory to ~/.themes

Or to make the theme work systemwide:

sudo -i


And move the extracted directory from ~/Downloads to /usr/share/themes

Apply using the Zorin Appearance app.

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Whoa, the second one was So, simple to install and looks cool and similar to windows😍

Show us a screenshot

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Still adding new stuff to PC, reviewing all post from #customization. Things have started getting some crisp😉
Waiting for the update to finish.

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