How to de-activate USB-C carging of laptop while on docking station?


This will sound counterintuitive. My laptop does charge while plugged in my docking station using the USB-C port. The issue is that my computer battery is always at 100%, never drains and I had to replace the battery last week. I wish to use it more on the battery.

Is there a setting somewhere that I can de-activate USB-C charging?

Zorin 16.3 Pro
Acer Spin 2019

Thank you.

This may be something, but it's for Gnome 42+

Set battery charging threshold / charging limit / charging mode
Battery Health Charging: An extension to maximize the battery life of laptops by setting their charging threshold or modes.

So perhaps when Zorin 17 comes out you can add it.

On most laptops, it should preserve battery health by not "dripping" at 100%, but rather by switching to USB-C Power as the primary power source

it's odd that it had to get replaced, really :thinking:

I was thinking my Thunderbolt extender dock thing was bringing my capacity down - turns out it wasn't but, did bring back the capacity a little.

Had to discharge the battery completely, let it sit, then charge to 100% without interruption. That brought it back up to around 85% from ~60%. My much cheaper Gateway laptop has been through a lot of discharges and recharges... still at 100% - makes me mad :laughing: Why couldn't my expensive one be the same?!

Hang onto that battery though - you may be able to use it later, if need be.. But, you could set a parameter to only allow about 80% charge, that way it's not always at 100% - that will definitely kill a battery.

That's how to do it - the 60 can be replaced to whatever level you'd like to reserve, like 75, 80, etc.

Thank you all, thank you Storm.

I opened TLP and set charge start at 15% and charge stop at 80%. That will solve this issue.

Still learning i guess. Thanks again.

Thanks @PlumpKibbles . The battery is now in the battery recyling bin, not planning to use it anytime soon. Ultimately, I didn't think about how to manage the battery appropriately. It is still relatively cheap to replace, around $70 CAD, not too bad.

This is a 2019 computer that I sincerly thought about putting in the garbage bin. Discovered Zorin and gave it a second solid life.

Thanks again.

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Gotcha - yeah if it was swollen or puffed out, definitely trashed.

No worries though; thought that might be an option to check out for the new battery :grin:

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