[How-To] Delete (unwanted) kernel

Hi all,

This is a tutorial to delete a (manual) installed kernel or a kernel you don't use. Today i installed the 5.14.8 kernel on Pop OS! and that kernel gaved me a bounch of installation errors. Rebooting the laptop and bam i was in the emergency boot screen. The problem with the installation was again that annoying message about libc6 (>= 2.34). I rebooted the laptop, pressed escap and used the 5.13 kernel that came with Pop! OS. So from there i tried to delete the installed kernel.


  1. View the kernel you use, write in terminal: uname -r
  2. To see a list of installed kernels, write in terminal: sudo dpkg --list | egrep -i --color 'linux-image|linux-headers|linux-modules'
  3. Remove unwanted kernels, write in terminal: sudo apt remove --purge kernel-to-remove (sample: sudo apt remove --purge linux-headers-5.14.8-051408)
  4. Remove the packages that are not needed anymore, write in terminal: sudo apt autoremove --purge
  5. Synchronize Package List, write in terminal: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

That is all :slight_smile:


This is great, we just need a developer to produce a GUI utility that can do the same exact thing, only easier, and quicker. And it would also make it more user friendly for newbies. And even though I am certainly not a newbie to Linux, even I have to admit, I'd enjoy having a GUI method.

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Ohhhhhh, of course! I knew that. But my brain is off right now.

I need some coffee to jumpstart it, where's my delicious dirty bean water? FrenchPress, where are you? :joy:

I did it via terminal and also tried ukuu. But, now have Mainline GUI, just in case.

Install the synaptic package manger. Old kernels will appear in the autoremove section as new one are installed.

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