How to dim screen in zorin lite

hello how to dim screen in zorin lite

usually you can do that in the power settings

in core it was in power settings… in lite i can find no such settings…

as well i can not find blue light settings in lite…

If you open your App Menu, then start typing Power Manager, you should see the power manager offered.
You can also

sudo apt install xbacklight

Then test that you have control with

xbacklight -5

xbacklight +5

If these work, then you are good to go. You can assign these commands to a Keyboard Shortcut using your settings; keyboards > Custom Shortcut.

hello again… finding power manager was not the issue but thanks it made me dig deeper… found the switch for tray icon and enabled then found back light settings bar in tray icon… core has this bar setting inside the settings box so was looking in the same place to find it not there in lite…

can anyone let me know if lite has blue light adjustment? or a way to manualy calibrate the screen? tried red shift but did not like it…

Redshift is the only way I know. I did just try a google search, but I am multi tasking dealing with issues here at home so could not spend much time on it.
Redshift can be set by the ‘temp’ you want so it is very versatile.

there is also “redshift plus” or something like that, that has more options than the normal redshift. but as much I remember (don’t have my lite laptop with me, can’t double check) everything was in the power or screen/display settings

I found this link with some night mode app options. I’ve never tried any of them other than RedShift, but I would start here.

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