How To Display Weather On Desktop Preferably With Conky

So, I’ve seem to have run into a new issue with Zorin, where none of the weather apps seem to want to function. When I try to input my location into Gnome Weather, it just crashes. There was another weather app that didn’t even load at all.

Truth is, I am already using Conky, I display a clock, as well as computer temperature readout. And I know you’ve seen this in my desktop screenshots before. I would prefer to add a weather Conky to my desktop, but I don’t see any listed as WEATHER in my Conky manager.

Due to widespread fires in my region, air quality has gone very bad, to very bad, to downright dangerious. Literally its so bad, that I have to run my bathroom exhaust fan now 24/7, as the smoke has been entering my home through the vent. And if I were to go outside without a mask, I would most certainly obtain lung cancer from extended exposure.

I want to monitor my weather specifics without having to need to go to my phones weather app, or to go to weather dot com. Is there a way that I can get this done? Remember, I am using XFCE desktop 4.12 on Zorin OS 12.4

I know Cinnamon D.E. has a Weather Desklet.

The Problem with Conky is that the conky needs to communicate with a weather service. This used to work fine back in the day, but as its popularity spread, the weather service sites were getting so inundated with Weather requests that they could not function properly.
They ended the Conky Weather era by pulling those services offline and setting up new ones that must be paid by subscription.
I am not mad at them- they did what they had to do and they started out quite supportive of Linux Desktops tapping into their servers- until they got bogged into the ground.
I think Swarf mentioned a free service that is still available…

Found this after a quick search.

That is from 2015, though… what I said above may still apply. :frowning:

Yes, I saw that when I was doing a Google search, but the reason I dismissed that, is because it must connect to Yahoo services for the weather telemetry. And if you know anything about Yahoo, then you know they are the laughing stock of the internet for years now.

Yahoo has been hacked I don’t even know how many times. And not once did they put any real effort, into securing their services and servers with advanced firewalls. I don’t trust them, I don’t want them. The fact that they are still on the internet these days surprises me honestly.

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Whats funny about all these weather websites, is that they will all allow you to download their apps for your mobile device, for free, and to use them, for free. They just put ads in the app, and I guess thats how they pay for their services. They could easily be doing the same thing with Linux OS, but they choose not to for some odd reason.

At the end of the day, Linux is just an OS, just like Windows, just like Android, just like IOS. They operate fine under Windows, Android, and MAC, but somehow choke to death on Linux. I think the reality is, they don’t believe they would make enough money off of us Linux users.

With such a low percentage, still to this day, of Linux users, is the reason many companies, including gaming companies, give for why they won’t code software for Linux. At the end of the day, its just a million excuses. What they should be saying, is that they code software for OS’s, that agree with their philosophy of screwing us over.

Would you want ads on your Operating System? Considering how paranoid Linux users are in general, that won’t end well.

Linux users in general like to avoid the Big Eyeballs like Google and Yahoo.

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No, I wouldn’t want ads in my OS, but if it was just their app that had ads, I couldn’t care less. We surf the web everyday with ads that fill 1/4 of our screens on just about every web page. Now I do use an add blocker, but its designed to not block every single add, it lets some adds through, but stop the intrusive annoying ones.

Youtube is a perfect example, if I didn’t have an add blocker, I’d be dead from the stress. But thats because Youtube has been way over doing the adds for years now on video’s with monitization. I can understand an add at the beginning, and the ending of a video. But 20 adds in one video, sorry, not going to fly with me. lol

Since Google bought Youtube and took over, they have changed how it works. they often run more than one add at a time, then run adds in the middle. Now, the Youtuber you are watching Does not Get Paid for the ads if you skip them… Even if you skip the ad after it ran its course and is just in the last couple seconds.