How to download Backup app .deb for offline computer running Zorin Os Lite?


I installed Zorin OS Lite in a computer that is in a location with no internet access. While trying to set up a backup, I saw there was no Backup app in utilities. I tried all locations mentioned on forums and help pages but was unable to locate it.

I tried searching online for links where I could get the backup app so that I could download it onto a USB at home and then install it on that computer via USB.

Can someone please share the official Zorin repository link which has the .deb file for Backup app from software manager.

If not available, how can I go about installing the backup app.


You can grab the Debian self installer here:

Thank you!

Just to be sure, the file is some 300kb. Is it the right one? Index of /ubuntu/pool/main/d/deja-dup shows some other versions as well. I have installed Zorin OS Lite 16.2

Thanks again for the prompt response.

The link I sent is the package version applicable to Zorin OS 16.2

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You're the best!

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