How to download movies (legally) from netflix

how to download movies (legally) from netflix like i need an official app or something that works

I am not familiar of any application on Linux that will allow you to download Netflix. Perhaps there is a native Windows application that might be able to do that but I have only seen that on iOS/Android..

Found this with Zorin's GNOME software application.

In your image there is a link to the "Project website" at - but that page give a 404 errror and does not exist. I then searched Github for the words "Faith YOLCU" wich also is in your image, and found this user: fksrd (fksrd) / Repositories · GitHub - but that user does not have any "Projects". So my conclusion is that it could be risky to install "netflix-web" from Gnome software application, as it seems it is no longer developed.

As there are ways to run Android apps in GNU/Linux I would go down that route. I am aware that the Android app for smartphones allows designated Netflix content to be downloaded to your phone for viewing off-line, usually with a time limit of 2 weeks max if memory serves me.

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thats the web version i want to download the movies

yeah i tried to download waydroid but that didint work and anbox i couldnt download the apk even witht adb command

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